First Seizure pack and video

Every child who presents with a first afebrile seizure should be given a First Seizure Pack (see below) before they are discharged. It contains important information for families including the following:

  • general safety
  • seizure first aid
  • an event record for families to document any additional seizures
  • and a PENNSW flyer.  

We've also produced a video (below) that explains what happens after the first seizure and provides useful supervision and safety information.  

PLEASE NOTE: The education video below relates to a first afebrile seizure (i.e. seizure without fever). It is NOT for febrile convulsions. The video includes general advice only, and does not take into account individual medical conditions or needs.

Further seizure safety information can be accessed in the PENNSW safety section. The legal requirements for driving following a first seizure can be found in the AUSTROADS Assessing Fitness to Drive document. 

First Seizure Pack


Information last reviewed: 14/01/2021.