Coping with epilepsy

Your child does not have to be defined by their epilepsy.

Children always bring surprises into the lives of their parents and families.  Children with epilepsy may bring additional challenges.

Being told that your child has epilepsy can trigger a range of emotional responses in parents.  For some, it will be a traumatic and overwhelming experience which may challenge the way parents feel about the world and their sense of security.  For others, it will constitute a difficult event but one which does not overwhelm.  Although parents may respond to the diagnosis in many different ways, all have one thing in common: it is never what they planned for their child and they often face challenges and choices that other parents will never have to face.  In fact, having a child with epilepsy affects the whole family, in both difficult and positive ways.

The information presented in this section is designed to assist parents as they make the necessary adjustments to a diagnosis of epilepsy, to find the services, resources and assistance most helpful to their family. The information contained here is intended to support the information provided by your child’s doctor and healthcare team.  If you are experiencing difficulties with any of the issues raised in this section, please refer to your Doctor for further assistance.

It is important to remember that for most children diagnosed with epilepsy, their seizures will be controlled by medication and they will have a normal life with minimal restrictions for safety.  For some children, there will be additional care requirements.  Whatever the circumstances, your child is a whole person with all the complexities of being human. 




Information last reviewed: 12/01/2021.